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Hello everyone, as an administrator and main writer at SUVCult, I’d love to thank all our readers in the past years.

When I created SUVCult, I wanted to provide a place for those people who liked SUVs, a segment of the automotive market that has gotten a lot of hate, especially since automakers have replaced iconic models for SUVs *Cough* Mitsubishi Eclipse *Cough*; or they went to discontinue other models.

Today, EVs are getting all the hate, and many people have found a love for SUVs. When SUVCult started it was the only SUV-focused site on the net, however, today there are many small blogs today that are run by people using an AI to write every article, which results in low-quality and completely wrong information everywhere.

SUVCult cannot compete against the amount of articles that these AI tools can create, and we are not going to start using it. However, when I decided to create this site I wanted to give the most factual, and unbiased information about SUVs.

I realize now that writing the articles as factual as possible was the right choice, but being unbiased was the wrong one, because, at the end of the day, I was lying to myself. The truth is that I despise BMW’s current design language, I do believe that most automakers have their asses up their heads when it comes to approaching EVs, and I hate when an automaker blatantly copies the design of a car from another brand. 

bmw ix ugly
what the fuck, BMW

And I haven’t communicated these things in the past, I tried to be completely unbiased and that created good quality content, but let’s be honest, it wasn’t that fun, to either write or read.

So here’s what’s new. I’m approaching SUVCult with complete, brutal truth about every topic, car, trend, etc. Even if it hurts some people, and even if some automakers take it badly. Someone has to do this.

In today’s automotive news world, I keep on seeing sites that are telling a story that they don’t even believe, praise cars they hate, and don’t talk about trends that they despise (like replacing all physical buttons for a screen).

And this is where I want SUVCult to excel. This may polarize many of you, I’m sure many of you will love the way I’m going to approach each topic, and many will hate it, but at least, it won’t be written by a cheap AI, and it will be way more entertaining.

So, again. Thank you all for keeping up with SUVCult during these years, and I look forward to this new chapter!

  • Victor, Administrator.


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