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Even though Range Rover and Land Rover are almost the same things, there’s a slight distinction between them. Land Rover is the brand, while the Range Rover name is used as a subcategory for Land Rover. But know that Land Rover and Range Rover models have some differences between them like the pricing strategy. So if you wonder, if Range Rover or Land Rover SUVs are more expensive continue reading to find out.

I know how confusing all this can be, so to help you understand it, consider Ford and the Mustang, essentially the Mustang is a Ford, but it’s considered a sub-brand of Ford. The same applies to the Land Rover-Range Rover situation.

Before going on, know that for the pricing we used the figures given in the official Land Rover US website, and for Europe, we used the prices from the German Land Rover website since it averages well the prices from all European countries.

All Range Rover models priced

All Range Rover Models
From Left to Right: Evoque, Range Rover, Sport, Velar

Range Rover currently has four models available in its line-up, starting with the entry-level Range Rover Evoque, followed by the brand’s most recent model, the Velar, then there’s the most performance-oriented version, the Range Rover Sport, and lastly the Range Rover, also known as the original Range Rover.

Also, something else that’s quite confusing is that the most expensive model from the British marque is called the Land Rover Range Rover, yes, basically it’s named the Range Rover, and nothing else.

In terms of pricing, we are going to put the price for the less and most costly version of each model for simplicity, since some models have over 5 versions and it might clutter the list.

Range Rover$92,000 (108,100 €)$211,000 (215,400 €)
Sport$69,500 (73,300 €)$130,000 (153,500 €)
Velar$56,900 (58,212 €)$91,815 (124,900 €)
Evoque$43,300 (38,650 €)$70,840 (74,600 €)

The most expensive Range Rover is the Range Rover SVAutobiography in Long Wheelbase form, which starts at MSRP $211,000 (215,400 €), followed by the Range Rover Sport SVR Carbon Edition. Those two models feature a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 with over 550 hp and interiors that provide the best comfort and luxury in the range.

In the case of the Velar, we left the price for the Velar SVAutobiography Dynamic, which hasn’t been updated yet for the 2021 version, and in some markets has been dropped off.

Expect to see an important refreshment for the Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport this year, as Land Rover has been using a test mule for a while, and the unveiling might be close.

All Land Rover models priced

All Land Rover Models
From Left to Right: Discovery Sport, Discovery, Defender

In the case of Land Rover, its cars are more off-road focused and are characterized by having a more rugged look than the Range Rovers. In terms of trim levels, there are fewer versions and fewer engine options.

Land Rover offers three models, the Discovery Sport as the entry-level version which is a simpler version of the Discovery, which gets a better interior, and better cargo space, and then there’s the Defender, the iconic Land Rover that was recently modernized.

Defender$47,700 (52,500 €)$101,750 (134,200 €)
Discovery$53,900 (61,045 €)$61,900 (75,409 €)
Discovery Sport$41,900 (37,805 €)$43,600 (61,945 €)

As you see, the range-topping Defender V8 Carpathian Edition 110 is priced way above the rest, at an MSRP of $101,750 (134,200 €), while the Discovery and Discovery Sport are similarly priced, although the Discovery is a bit more costly than the Sport.

As mentioned above, Land Rover models get fewer options, while three of the four Range Rovers receive a version with the 5.0-liter turbocharged V8, here only the new Defender V8 gets it, the Discovery and Discovery Sport range-topping versions use a more humble engine.

However, there is some good news for the Discovery and the Discovery Sport, as it seems like Land Rover might be preparing full-electric versions of these models, which would make it the first full-electric Land Rover model.

Which one is more expensive, Range Rover or Land Rover?

Based on all the information provided above, we can conclude that Range Rover is considerably more expensive than Land Rover.

If you want to purchase the cheapest SUV from the brand, you’ll go for the Discovery Sport at $41,900 (37,805 €), however, the Range Rover Evoque is very closely priced at $43,300 (38,650 €). Although, if you go to the range-topping versions of these models the difference becomes more pronounced.

Then if you’re going for the most expensive version, you’ll be greeted by the Range Rover SVAutobiography, which costs almost double than the Land Rover Defender V8 Carpathian Edition 110.

But if you’re in the hunt for a new SUV and you like both Land Rover and Range Rover, you shouldn’t compare these two as different brands, but as the same one, and just focus on which model you like the most and see if any of the versions offered fits your budget.

Land Rover and Range Rover share the same design philosophy, the same heritage, and are managed by the same company, you’ll find all these models coexisting in the same dealership, website, and sharing the same official workshop.

While they also share many features and component, for example some Land Rover and Range Rover models offer a third row of seating.




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