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Bentley is known for its exclusivity and quality, it’s among the most prestigious car brands in the world, and as you can imagine the average price of a Bentley can be quite steep as not many people can afford them.

The British marque is not very transparent when it comes to the pricing of their vehicles which is something common among other luxury brands, however, we managed to get a close estimation of all the prices in the US market.

First, we will show you the pricing of each model and its versions, plus an average price for that model and at the end, the average of all of them combined so we can give you the best answer.

Prices and the average cost of the Bentley Continental GT

When you think about Bentley the first thing that pops up in your head is likely the Continental GT.

Bentley is preparing a hybrid version which will likely appear during 2023, as the other two models in their line-up already feature a hybrid powertrain.

The less costly Continental GT, the Coupe version, will set you back at a starting price of an estimated $210,000 while the most expensive one, the Speed Convertible starts at an estimated $310,000.

The Continental GT is a sleek grand tourer that comes available in six different versions:

Continental GTPrice
Coupe$210,000 (est)
S Coupe$225,000 (est)
Convertible$230,000 (est)
S Convertible$245,000 (est)
Speed Coupe$285,000 (est)
Speed Convertible$310,000 (est)

Now that we have all the prices, we calculate that the average price of a Bentley Continental is $251,000.

Bentley Continental GT, Bentley Bentayga, Bentley Flying Spur
Bentley Continental GT (Left), Bentley Bentayga (Middle), and Bentley Flying Spur (Right)

Prices and the average cost of the Bentley Bentayga

The best-selling model of the Bentley line-up is its only SUV, the Bentayga, which recently received an extended wheel version, the Bentayga EWB.

The 2022 Bentayga is a large SUV that’s well known for its comfort and attention to detail, its latest iteration features an updated front with a more modern, and square design which honestly looks better.

The Bentayga competes against some of the most powerful and luxurious SUVs in the market, like the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, or the BMW X7.

Currently, there are six different versions of the Bentayga:

Hybrid$167,000 (est)
Azure Hybrid$175,000 (est)
V8$191,000 (est)
S Hybrid$205,000 (est)
EWB First Edition$206,225
S$223,000 (est)
Speed$263,000 (est)

The average price of the Bentayga is $204,318, considerably less than the Continental, largely due to the entry-level Hybrid versions of the SUV.

Prices and the average cost of the Bentley Flying Spur

The only sedan in the line-up is the 2022 Flying Spur, which serves as the most elegant model that at the same time surprisingly offers a lot of performance.

The Flying Spur follows a similar offering as the Bentayga, with a hybrid, V8, and a more powerful W12 Speed model.

Here are all five Bentley Flying Spur versions:

Flying SpurPrice
Hybrid$190,000 (est)
V8$200,000 (est)
S Hybrid$243,000 (est)
$245,000 (est)
Speed $280,000 (est)

In this case, the average price of a Bentley Flying Spur is $231,600, which puts it between the other two models.

So, what is the average price of a Bentley?

Now that all the prices have been set we can finally calculate the average of a Bentley, which is $228,973.

Note that once Bentley unveils the new Continental GT Hybrid it is certain that the average will be lower, as they tend to add an entry-level hybrid model.

Another thing that helped is that the British brand discontinued its former flagship a few years ago, the Bentley Mulsanne, which came with a way steeper price tag, of over $300,000.

Also, it’s important to understand that once you start adding options to any of these models the prices considerably increase, it’s not uncommon to end up paying over $50,000 more just for options.

At the end of the day, these are luxury vehicles, and they come with a price.



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