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If you’re looking for a way to give your white car a fresh new look, upgrading your rims can be an easy and effective way to do it. With so many options out there, it can be tough to choose the best rim color for your white car.

Because white is the most popular car color in the world, this useful post will likely serve you well since we’ll explore the best rims for white cars, including white, silver, bronze, gunmetal, blue, and even red.

1) A White Car with Silver Rims is the best option

white car with silver rims Ford Explorer
White Ford Explorer in silver rims

The best option for a white car is silver rims, since silver wheels have a timeless quality that looks great on any car, and they complement a white car particularly well. 

The bright, reflective quality of silver wheels can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your white car’s look.

Silver is a versatile color that can complement any shade of white, from bright white to pearl white to ivory.

While silver rims have a sleek and clean appearance that gives your white car an understated yet stylish look.

If you’re looking for a rim color that won’t go out of style, silver is a safe bet.

2) Gunmetal Gray Wheels on a White Car look great

White car in gunmetal gray rims BMW XM
gunmetal wheels on white BMW XM

For those who want a more modern look, gunmetal gray rims are a popular choice, since they fit every car color, especially gray.

Gunmetal gray wheels have a dark, smoky appearance that adds an element of toughness and elegance to your car’s aesthetic.

When paired with a white car, gunmetal gray wheels create a strong contrast that’s sure to turn heads.

If you’re going for a sporty and premium look, gunmetal gray wheels is the way to go if you pair them with your white car.

3) White Car with Black Rims for sport looks

White car in black rims Mercedes-AMG GLE 63
White Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 in black rims

Black rims on a white car are another option that can create a sporty and stylish look. The contrast between the black rims and the white body can be dramatic, making it a popular choice for those who want a more aggressive appearance.

The black rims can also help to emphasize the contours and lines of the vehicle, giving it a more striking and dynamic appearance.

This combination works particularly well on white sports cars or luxury vehicles, as it adds a touch of elegance to the overall look, however, this only applies to white cars, since black rims can look more elegant when combined with a silver car.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that black rims can require more maintenance than other colors, as any scratches or scuffs will be more visible. 

4) White Cars with Bronze Wheels match well

white car with bronze wheels Porsche Turbo GT
White Porsche Turbo GT with bronze wheels

Bronze rims are a popular choice for performance cars, and when it comes to white cars, they complement each other very well.

In the past few years, many automakers have launched performance white cars with bronze wheels, while also using these rim colors for some limited-edition models.

The combination of a white car with bronze wheels creates a striking contrast that’s hard to ignore. Bronze wheels add a touch of sportiness and sophistication to a white car’s aesthetic.

While black rims may make the car look too aggressive, bronze rims manage to create more elegance without giving up on the sportiness.

This is a great choice for premium-performance cars and limited-edition models, so if you go for any car like that, consider your white car with bronze rims.

5) White cars with white rims might work

white cars with white rims Ford Bronco
White Ford Bronco with white rims

In the case of combining white cars with white rims, you need to realize that the contrast created by the wheels will help greatly.

Since the car is colored white, and the rims are also white, the black of the rubber will create a contrast that will highlight the white color.

However, we have to say that very few cars can pull off these styles, mostly, old JDM and retro-designed cars are among the few that we can think about.

Nevertheless, we don’t advise you to put white wheels in your modern white car, it’s most likely going to make it look weird.

A white car should avoid these colored rims

Now that you know the best rims for a white car, we need to talk about the two worst rims that you should avoid.

These two e colored rims that white cars should avoid don’t match well and they look completely out of place, no matter the type of car.

White cars with red rims don’t match

white cars with red rims Nissan 350Z
White Nissan 350Z with red rims

Avoid this combination, you might think that it may create a bold and daring look, but it will make your car look tacky. 

The contrast between a white car and its rims should be subtle, and not too much in your face, red is a striking color that would contrast well with a darker car color.

Usually, the white cars with red rims you can find around are JDMs or people who tried to do some tacky tuning, this should be avoided.

Blue rims on a white car should be a crime

blue rims on white car Nissan 350Z
Blue rims on white Nissan 350Z

Another combination that doesn’t fit at all is blue rims on a white car, no matter what type of vehicle it is impossible to make them match.

The contrast between the two colors is not ideal, and even if you try different shades of blue in the rims you won’t manage to make them fit with a white car.

Dark blue rims can look good in other car colors, like black, but in white is a bad idea.

You need to understand that the rim color choice is really important for a white car since it can completely change the looks of the vehicle, also, don’t forget to choose the right interior color.



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