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BMW has one of the most complete and comprehensive line-ups in the SUV market, they’ve managed to introduce new models in a way that they are easy to identify and remember, also BMW SUV models come in all sizes with different price ranges.

The line-up goes from X1 until X7, the lower the number, the smaller the car, and usually the least costly it is, with the exceptions of the X3 and X4 which are almost identical cars, and the X5 and X6 which are almost the same.

The only confusion you may find is with the all-new BMW XM, which serves as a halo car for their SUV line-up, in reality, the XM should’ve been the X8, but they want it to give it more uniqueness.

Another model that might create confusion is the iX which again, serves as a halo car but this time for their electric SUV line-up, other than that, it’s pretty clear where the iX1 and iX3 fit, however, these two models are not available in the US.

(From left to right) BMW X1, BMW X2, BMW X3, BMW X4


Starting with the smallest and least costly BMW SUV model, we have the X1, which recently received an update that largely improved its design.

While the US only gets the BMW X1 28i at $39,100, in Europe the X1 comes in three petrol, three diesel, and one hybrid version.

Nevertheless, this updated version of the X1 is just arriving in the US, so it’s very likely that we will get more versions soon.

In the US, the electric BMW iX1 is not available, while in Europe yes.


A few years ago, BMW decided to discontinue the X2 in the US, however, it’s still present in Europe where there are five diesel versions, four petrol ones, and one hybrid version.

The entry-level X2 sDrive18i starts at 37,750€, but among the X2 line-up, there is a very interesting model, the BMW X2 M35i which features a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder unit with 302 hp (306 PS), and a price-tag of 60,500€.

There are reports of a new X2 coming out in 2024 which will feature a bigger size, it will likely arrive in both the US and Europe.

BMW X3 and BMW X4

As mentioned above, the X3 and X4 are almost the same SUVs, except that the X3 has a more traditional shape while the X4 has a coupe-like shape.

We could argue that the X4 it’s an X3 coupe. Thankfully, this last generation of both cars managed to differentiate the designs a bit more with different design cues.

Another difference is that in the United States, BMW offers the X3 in four versions, while the X4 only gets three. The extra version that the X3 receives is a rear-wheel drive trim, while the X4 is stuck with AWD.

The entry-level X3 xDrive30i comes with a starting price of MSRP $48,200, while the X4xDrive30i starts at a higher price, of $54,200.

There are also some interesting performance versions of these SUVs, the X3 M40i, the X3M, the X4 M40i, and the X4M.

The X3 M40i and the X4 M40i pack a 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six with 382 hp, and the price starts at $61,000 for the X3 M40i, and $65,400 for the X4 M40i.

And then there are the X3M and the X4M with a more powerful 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six that develops 473 hp, as you can imagine the price is higher than in the other versions, which in this case, the X3M starts at $74,400, and in the X4M at $77,900.

But that’s not all, you can add the Competition Package which boosts the horsepower of each car to 503 hp and improves the acceleration for $7,000 more.

There’s also a BMW iX3 which BMW only sells in Europe, but hopefully, we will see it in the US soon.

(From left to right) BMW X5, BMW X6, BMW X7, BMW XM, BMW iX

BMW X5 and BMW X6

When it comes to BMW SUV models, the X5 and the X6 are probably the most recognizable as they’ve been in the market for a while and they have lots of loyal customers.

Both SUVs were recently updated with a facelift, where they look more modern and sport new powertrain options.

In the US, the X5 has five versions, one of them is the BMW X5 xDrive45e, a hybrid model, and another one, the X5 sDrive40i, the only rear-wheel drive version.

While the X6 is limited to three models, which is a similar strategy to the X3 and X4.

The entry-level BMW X5 xDrive40i starts at $63,900, and the BMW X6 xDrive40i at $70,100.

In terms of performance models, there is an X5 M50i, and an X6 M50i boasting a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that pumps out 523 hp. As pricing goes, the X5 M50i starts at $85,400, and the X6 M50i at $89,100.

Then there are the most exciting versions, the X5M and the X6M, with a more powerful 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 with 600 hp, which come with a starting price of $108,900 for the X5M, and $113,700 for the X6M.

You can also choose the Competition Package which will boost the horsepower to 617 hp, and gives faster acceleration, however, it will set you back at $9,300 extra.


This is the German brand’s full-size SUV, which features new split headlights and a high-quality interior.

The entry-level BMW X7 xDrive40i has a $77,850 price tag, a 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six with 375 hp, and all-wheel drive.

But that’s not all, BMW also offers the X7 M60i, which uses a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 with 523 hp, while the price is set at a starting price of $103,100.

There’s also the Alpina XB7, but that serves more as a modification of the existing X7.


The most radical BMW SUV ever made, is this hybrid that combines BMW’s 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 with an electric motor to produce a staggering 644 hp.

The BMW XM has an all-new design, that’s meant to attract all the looks, and create a sense of presence.

This is the king of BMW SUV models, and a car like this comes with a price. The XM will set you back at $159,000.

There’s also the more powerful but limited XM Label Red, which comes with 738 hp and a price tag of $185,000.


BMW’s electric halo SUV comes in two versions, the entry-level iX xDrive50 with a starting price of $84,100, and then the iX M60 which starts at $108,900.

Both versions pack enormous amounts of power thanks to their dual electric motors, the XDrive 50 produces 516 hp, while the M60 unleashes 610 hp.

In terms of range, they have some decent numbers, 305-324 miles (EPA est.) for the iX XDrive 50, and 274-288 miles (EPA est.) for the iX M60.



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