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If you’re planning to purchase a new TV but are concerned about whether it will fit in your car, you’re not alone. 

Many people face the dilemma of transporting a large TV in their vehicle without causing any damage. 

Whether you’re wondering if a 55-inch TV can fit in a car, an SUV, or even a hatchback, this article will provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

We’ll also explore whether an 85-inch TV can fit in an SUV and whether a 65-inch TV can fit in a sedan. 

How to Determine If the TV Will Fit in the Car

Before answering questions like will a 55-inch tv fit in my car? First, we need to realize a few things.

Transporting a TV in your car requires careful planning to ensure both the safety of the TV and the passengers. 

Here are some essential factors to consider:

TV Dimensions

To determine if the TV will fit in the car, the first thing you need to know is the dimensions of both the TV and your vehicle’s interior space. 

55-inch TV typically measures around 48 inches in width and 27 inches in height

In the case of a 65-inch TV, the measures will be around 57 inches in width and 32 inches in height.

75-inch TV generally measures around 65 inches in width and 37 inches in height

And an 85-inch TV will normally measure around 74 inches in width and 42 inches in height

Cargo Space

Measure the interior dimensions of your car’s trunk or back seat to determine if the TV can fit horizontally or vertically.

The cargo area of your car will vary depending on what type of vehicle you own, and how big it is.

will a 55 inch tv fit in my car Bronco
Ford Bronco Sport

Here are the Bronco Sport dimensions:

Length to seat 1Length to seat 2Cargo width
Ford Bronco Sport76”33”43”

This means that a 55″ TV will fit without a problem if you position the TV lying down in the trunk, and you fold down the second row.

A 65″ and 75″ TV will also fit in this compact SUV when folding down the second row.

However, with an 85″ TV things will get more complicated, here you will have to tilt the TV so it fits in the width of the SUV.

For a midsize SUV like the Hyundai Palisade, every TV size will fit without a problem when folding the third and second rows, except the 85 inches TV which could also be a bit tricky to fit. 

Here are the dimensions of the Palisade:

Length to seat 1Length to seat 2Cargo width
Hyundai Palisade82.5”49”43.4”

And for a full-size SUV, things get easier, as they have large cargo areas and good widths, and every TV fill fits perfectly.

Here are the Chevrolet Tahoe’s dimensions:

Length to seat 1Length to seat 2Cargo width
Chevrolet Tahoe90.4”57.2”49.4”

Checking the TV Packaging

The TV’s packaging can add a few extra inches to its dimensions due to the protective materials. 

Consider removing the TV from its original box or finding a slimmer box to reduce the overall size when transporting it.

Securing the TV

When transporting a TV in your car, secure it properly to prevent any damage. 

Use blankets, pillows, or foam pads to cushion the TV and avoid direct contact with hard surfaces. 

Make sure the TV is not moving around during the journey to prevent potential accidents.

Can a 55-Inch TV Fit in Different Types of Cars?

Fitting a 55-inch TV in a standard car can be challenging, especially if the TV’s dimensions exceed the interior space. 

Here’s our opinion on fitting a 55″ TV in different types of cars:

Can a 55-Inch TV Fit in a Sedan?

Sedans are known for their limited trunk space, making it challenging to fit large items like a 55-inch TV. 

In some cases, fitting a TV of this size in a sedan would be possible when folding the back seats, however, it could pose safety risks due to obstructed rearview.

Will a 55-Inch TV Fit in an SUV?

An SUV typically offers more interior space than a regular car, making it a better option for transporting larger items. 

Most SUVs should have enough room to fit a 55-inch TV comfortably, except for some compact crossover SUVs.

However, remember to check the TV dimensions and measure your SUV’s cargo area to be sure it will fit properly.

Will a 55-Inch TV Fit in a Hatchback?

Hatchbacks can be surprisingly versatile due to their open cargo area.

While a 55-inch TV might fit in some hatchback models, it’s essential to measure the available space to avoid any disappointment. 

You will probably need to recline the back seats or remove them to accommodate the TV.

H1: Larger TVs and SUVs: Will an 85-Inch TV Fit in an SUV? Can a 65-Inch TV Fit in a Sedan?

Will an 85-Inch TV Fit in an SUV?

An 85-inch TV is significantly larger than a 55-inch one and might be a more challenging fit even in an SUV. 

While some larger midsize and full-size SUV models might have enough space, it’s essential to measure the TV and the SUV’s interior before attempting to transport it.

Remember to be aware of the TV’s package dimensions, as they add a bit more width and length.

Can a 65-Inch TV Fit in a Sedan?

If a 55-inch TV was hard to fit in a sedan, a 65-inch TV will be even more complicated as it will be slightly larger.

This is not generally not recommended for transportation as the limited trunk space and interior dimensions of a sedan make it unlikely to fit the TV without causing potential damage to the TV or the car.


Transporting a television in your car requires careful consideration of the TV’s dimensions and your vehicle’s interior space. 

While a 55-inch TV can fit in some larger vehicles like SUVs or hatchbacks, it might not be possible in smaller cars like sedans. 

Always measure the TV and your car’s space to determine if it’s feasible to transport the TV safely. 

For larger TVs like 85-inch models, look for a full-size SUV or you can either opt for professional delivery or rent a suitable vehicle. 

By following these tips, you can make sure that your TV reaches its destination unharmed, and you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies without any worries.



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