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Citroën has been around for 103 years, and in that time, it has had many different logos. And now is the time for a new one, which makes it the tenth logo by the French automaker.

The all-new Citroën Oli, is the first vehicle to receive the updated logo. However, this is an EV pickup concept created to showcase the automaker’s capacity to create products that are affordable and sustainable.

The new logo is set to debut on production models in mid-2023. It is not yet clear if Citroën is reserving this logo for new models or if it will be used across the entire range.

We actually got a sneak peek of this new logo back in 2019 on the Citroen 19_19 Concept used the new logo, but we never saw it again until now.

This latest logo is a departure from the previous ones in that it is more simplified and uses a more simplistic color palette. The font is also more modern.

It’s based on the first 1919 logo, which the new one shares many things with. This latest version takes things even further in a new direction. The oval shape is still there, but it is now more stylized. The wordmark has also been simplified and modernized, with the letters now being of equal width.

The original 1919 logo was adopted by founder André Citroën, who was inspired by two chevrons that symbolize the gears meshing together. He used the chevrons because his first company was a metalworking business that produced herringbone gears with chevron shapes, and of course, the first Citroen cars employed a herringbone gear.

Evolution of all the Citroen logos, until the new 2022-2023 logo
Evolution of the Citroen logo

The logo would go on to be one of the most recognizable and iconic in automotive history and would go through several iterations over the years. But the chevrons would remain constant, a reminder of the company’s origins and its commitment to innovation.

But the logo is not the only thing that is evolving for the French automaker, as they are also updating their corporate identity with the signature: “Nothing Moves Us Like Citroën”, which according to the brand they want to convey a message of comfortable customer service, and future accessible mobility solution. 

This is a bold move by Citroën, and it will be interesting to see how it is received by the public. The automaker is trying to move away from its traditional image and appeal to a younger, more modern audience. 

As you may notice, this is another automaker that has recently decided to update its logo and convey a new image, like Peugeot, Aston Martin, and many others are doing.

Only time will tell if this new logo will help Citroën achieve that goal.




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