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Dodge is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world, today, they are owned by the Stellantis group (formerly known as FCA), during all those years, the American automaker has come out with their iconic Dodge slogans which some still remember today.

Dodge has always been known as the automaker that produces tough and powerful cars, and that is reflected in some of their most popular slogans throughout the years.

Here are some of the most iconic Dodge slogans and taglines of all time, in chronological order:

  • Dependability, The Dependables (1920–1967)
  • Join the Dodge Rebellion (1966-1967)
  • Dodge Fever (1968–1969)
  • You Could be Dodge Material (1970–1971)
  • An American revolution (1982–1989) 
  • The new Dodge (1992–2000)
  • Dodge. Different. (2000–2001)
  • Grab life by the horns (2001–2007)
  • Grab life (2007 – mid-June 2010)
  • Never neutral (2010–today)
  • Born Dodge (2014–today)
  • Domestic. Not Domesticated (2016–today)
  • Excess drives success (2021–today)
  • Tear up the streets… not the planet (2021–today)

Dependability, The Dependables (From the 1920s till 1967)

One of the first Dodge slogans capitalized on how Dodge vehicles were appraised for their power, quality, and dependability. Their customers continually talked about the quality and how dependable their cars were.

The American automaker understood the potential of its perceived image so it came out with the word “dependability”, which it used in advertising for around 15 years.

Due to their complete embrace of the word “dependability”, it started appearing in dictionaries by 1930, and it became a common, everyday word.

Join the Dodge Rebellion (From 1966 to 1967) 

During the 1960s Dodge was working hard on acquiring a larger share of the United States market, which sparked Chrysler Corporation’s ideas to create a campaign that could attract new buyers.

The main campaign involved using ads with attractive blond women that would claim that you had to join the Dodge Rebellion.

The campaign was a success and it helped customers to further unite themselves with the American company.

Join the Dodge Rebellion slogan advertisement
Join the Dodge Rebellion slogan in an ad

Dodge Fever (From 1968 till 1969)

This slogan came out at the time when Dodge introduced the second-generation Charger which became an instant hit.

The campaign was successful because they were able to capitalize on the excitement around the Charger, the popularity of muscle cars, and the desire of the youth for something new and exciting.

You Could be Dodge Material (From 1970 till 1971)

This slogan followed a less subtle campaign where they were trying to attract new customers. 

The main idea was to show a TV ad where it shows different situations of a Challenger owner who is acting in a rebellious way.

At the end of the commercial, a woman will appear saying: if you could__ you can be Dodge material.

You Could be Dodge Material slogan advertisement
You Could be Dodge Material slogan in an ad

An American revolution (From 1982 till 1989) 

The automaker decided to come out with something different for its newest ad campaign. 

During the World Cup, they showed a new commercial where George Washington would drive a muscle car while scaring off the Redcoats which resulted in winning the American Revolution.

The advertisement was great in conveying a sense of patriotism and showing how capable the car was which at the time was received fondly.

The new Dodge (From 1992 till 2000)

This slogan marked the start of a new era for the American company where they switched to a more performance-oriented brand image.

They used a bright red color in the advertisements, and the company introduced new high-performance models like the Dodge Viper, where they showcased their features and innovations.

Dodge. Different. (From 2000 till 2001)

The Dodge. Different slogan’s objective was to show how Dodge cars were more exciting than the competition.

They understood that as the market was becoming saturated with similar models, the way to remain competitive was to offer automobiles that would stand out.

By separating themselves from other American manufacturers they appealed to those unconventional buyers who wanted something more unique.

This led to one of the most successful campaigns from the companies which to this day, it has been hard to replicate.

Here’s the advertisement that Dodge made for the Dodge. Different. slogan:

Grab life by the horns (From 2001 till 2007)

This campaign was used for the Dodge Ram products. The Grab life by the horns slogan was coined with the idea of attracting customers who wanted to live life to the fullest.

They wanted to attract the risk takers, and they succeeded, as Ram product sales experienced some good years during that period.

Grab life (From 2007 to 2010)

Dodge simplified the previous slogan to appeal to every automobile buyer, not just Ram buyers.

The idea behind adopting this slogan for all the brands was to tell everyone that they weren’t focusing on trucks as much as before and that anyone wanting to live life to the fullest should be driving a Dodge.

Never Neutral (From 2010 till present)

Never Neutral was a tagline that told everyone that Dodge cars were meant to be driven.

It reaffirmed their stance against this new model of technological innovations arriving in the car industry where they aid drivers to be more absent while giving up on control.

Some customers disliked this new approach and Dodge capitalized on that to attract them and continue its legacy of being a different brand.

This is the advertisement that Dodge used at the time, which clearly shows the Never Neutral slogan meaning:

Born Dodge (From 2014 till present)

For the 100th anniversary of Dodge, they came out with the Born Dodge slogan which featured a commercial with people who have been nearly as long as the American manufacturer with advice that will always be relevant.

Together with the commercial, they released a bunch of limited edition models, the re-designed Challenger and Charger.

Domestic. Not Domesticated. (From 2016 till present)

Dodge decided to show how versatile their cars could be, they showcased a commercial where it showed how you could take their cars around the track or do some groceries.

The idea of the slogan was to reflect that you could have the best of two worlds, a “domestic” vehicle that could be a family car and a “not domesticated” vehicle that could perform like a sports car.

Domestic. Not Domesticated. slogan advertisement
Domestic. Not Domesticated. slogan in an ad

Excess drives success (From 2021 till present)

Continuing their strategy of delivering powerful vehicles, one of the latest Dodge slogans reaffirmed their value as an automaker that would sell you cars with excessive amounts of power and that could provide you massive fun.

They conveyed that excess will get you where you need to go, and that’s what makes Dodge different from other manufacturers, it is meant to appeal new Dodge consumers which apparently, they are now rich, young, and diverse.

Tear up the streets… not the planet (From 2021 till present)

The most recent slogan appeared for the first time on Stellantis’ EV Day, where they showcased a teaser of their first electric muscle car, the Dodge Charger SRT Daytona concept.

This slogan summarized what the company is about to become, power, and performance without costing harm to the environment. 

It follows a strategy seen all over the Stellantis group, where they are telling the automakers that they need to start getting serious about EV adoption.




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