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There are many reasons why the color grey is so popular among cars, it’s easy to keep clean, it makes the car feel timeless, and you can combine it with many different color rims, so if you want to find out what the best color rims for a grey car continue reading.

Also, you might want to know that not every color rims fit gray cars, and due to that we are going to show you which color rims you should avoid.

1) Gunmetal rims on a gray car look the best

Grey car with gunmetal rims
Grey car (Mercedes G-class) with gunmetal grey rims

There’s no doubt that gunmetal gray wheels fit incredibly well in a car painted in grey, it makes it look modern, and more sporty while retaining a high degree of elegance.

Gunmetal rims have grown in popularity over the past years, as more automakers include them in their options list it’s a matter of time before they become even more common, however, their price is usually an obstacle to mass adoption.

If you manage to fit gunmetal rims on a grey car, know that the higher price is worth it, since it fits every body style, SUVs, sportscars, sedans, etc.

2) Silver rims are always a sensible choice for a grey car

silver rims on a gray car
Grey car (BMW X3) with silver rims

A great combination for those who want their car to always look clean without having to spend that much money on wheels.

Often, automakers offer silver rims as standard, so it’s always a good choice for those wanting to save money, however, they are also great for when you want to sell your car since it’s one of the most sought-after characteristics of a used car.

The best thing about silver rims is that it’s a choice that’s not based on trends, like black or gunmetal, which in a few years could start looking unfashionable.

3) A grey car with black rims works perfectly well

black rims on a grey car
Grey car (Lamborghini Urus) with black rims

Black rims fit well on cars that rock a sporty design, especially when the car is gray.

The only issue with black rims is that it’s been overused for a while, and they are starting to look outdated, especially when they are fitted in non-performance cars.

For example, black wheels on a grey Honda CR-V are going to look bad, however, a grey BMW X4M is going to look good on them, and that’s mainly because of the sporty design which helps accentuate the color wheel choice.

Avoid bronze wheels, red wheels, and white wheels on grey cars

Bronze rims, red rims, and white rims on a grey car
Grey car (Skoda Kodiaq) in bronze rims, red rims, and white rims

Whoever tells you that these color combinations work well is trying to mislead you or has zero sense of what works well in cars.

Let me explain, bronze rims on a grey car is a bad choice since the wheels stand out too much taking all the attention out of the car, what makes it even worse is the fact that they don’t even match well with the color grey.

You end up having a car that’s trying to grab too much attention but in a bad way. Grey color is meant to be elegant, understated, and timeless. Bronze wheels achieve the opposite.

Red rims on grey cars achieve the same negative result, however, here it gets even worse since the color combination is even more horrendous, it doesn’t even look good on race cars, which can usually get away with almost any color combination, and forget about combining this rims with red cars, it looks horrible.

Red wheels combined with a grey car are the biggest offender, they look completely off. Be weary that, red rims are hard to combine, and you should only match them with either white or black cars.

And lastly, white rims on a grey car, there is not much to say about this, except completely avoid it, grey and white don’t match. White wheels should be reserved for tuner show cars.

I’d completely avoid white rims, they don’t fit any car color, with the exception of white cars.

The Best color rims for a grey car are the simple ones

The color gray is not hard to combine, it requires simple combinations, if you want a conservative look either go with silver rims or grey rims.

And if you want something special, think about combining it with gunmetal rims, or black rims.

Just avoid weird colors, you won’t make the car look bold here since gray cars are look discreet and elegant.

Anything in the lines of gold rims, blue rims, bronze rims, etc. will make a grey car look tacky, and you don’t want that. 

If you want to grab people’s attention tastefully, go for black rims.

And if you have a dark grey car, the same applies. A dark grey car with bronze rims is going to look bad, but a dark grey car with gunmetal rims will look great.

Dark grey cars work essentially the same as grey ones, although in some cases, gunmetal may look even better.

Grey cars work similarly to silver cars when it comes to matching rim colors, usually if one rim color fits well in a silver car, it will likely fit too in grey cars.



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