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If you are on the hunt for an electric car, you have likely considered a Tesla. Their vehicles are the reference when it comes to electric cars. And of course, Tesla has some SUVs in their line-up, if you want to find out how much are Tesla SUVs continue reading.

Note that the prices stated here may change in the next year, we already saw many price increases due to everything that has been going on lately: supply chain issues, lack of microchips, the pandemic, etc. 

We will try to update the prices as often as we come so you get the most up-to-date information.

Also, in this article, we only focus on the US Teslas since the official European Tesla website has stopped showing prices due to the lack of vehicles available and the problems to produce cars on time.

Starting with the big one: How much are Tesla Model X SUVs?

The Model X is Tesla’s larger model, it can seat up to 7 people, and if you want to humiliate Lamborghinis you can purchase the Model X Plaid version which comes with 1,020 hp, and can speed up from 0-60 mph in just 2,5 seconds.

But let’s start with the less costly option. For the base Model X which rocks two electric motors, you will be paying $120,990. This version gets you 332 miles of range, an acceleration of 0-60 mph to 3,8 seconds, and a top speed of 155 mph.

If you fully spec the Model X it will raise to $149,490, and that will include the Red Multi-Coat color, the 22” Turbine Wheels, Black and White interior color with Walnut decor, six seats, and Full Self-Driving Capability.

You can find all the options for the Model X, with their prices and a brief explanation of each one in the next section.

The Model X Plaid is where things get interesting, as it rocks three electric motors, has a top speed of 163 mph, a range of 311 miles and it can speed up from 0-60 in 2,5 seconds.

It’s also more costly, the Plaid has a base price of $138,990, and the options are identical except for the seating ones, where only 6 seats are available.

If you were to fully spec your Model X Plaid, it would have a Red Multi-Coat color, Turbine Wheels, Black and White interior, 6 seats, and Full-Self Driving Capabilities, and all will cost you $160,990.

Tesla Model X Plaid
Tesla Model X Plaid, Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla Model X options with USD prices

Tesla cars don’t offer that many options compared with other automakers, but at least the ones that are available are useful and interesting.

To make everything simpler here are a few tables with each option and their prices:

Tesla offers 5 colors, of which white comes as standard, while black, silver, and blue will set you back at $1,500. And for the red one, you will have to spend $2,500.

Pearl White Multi-Coat includedIncluded
Solid Black $1,500$1,500
Midnight Silver Metallic 1,500$1,500
Deep Blue Metallic 1,500$1,500
Red Multi-Coat 2,500$2,500

For the wheels, we either have 20 inches Cyberstream Wheels which increase the range to 348 miles but get a reduced top speed of 149 mph and are included, or the 22 inches Turbine Wheels for $5,500 which reduces its range to 330 miles but gets an increased top speed of 155 mph.

Cyberstream Wheelsincluded
Turbine Wheels$5,500

Interior options are limited as well, as the all-black interior comes included, while the black and white, and the cream color interior will cost you each $2,000.

All Black with Ebony decor included
Black and White Walnut decor $2,000
Cream with Walnut decor$2,000

The Model X gets some interesting seating options which can also affect the range. If you get the standard five seats that come included, your range will be 332 miles, but if you opt for the six seating option you will pay the most, $6,500 and your range will be reduced to 330 miles. And for the seven seating options, you will pay $3,500 and your range will be 329 miles.

Five seatsincluded
Six seats$6,500
Seven seats$3,500

On the technological side, we only get two options which are related with self-driving tech.

First, is the Enhanced Autopilot option, which costs $6,000 and comes with Autopark, Auto Lane Change, Navigate on Autopilot, Summon, and Smart Summon.

Then, the Full Self-Driving Capability option will cost you double, $12,000 and includes all the functionalities that you get in the Enhanced Autopilot option plus Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control, and soon we will get Autosteer on city streets.

Enhanced Autopilot$6,000
Full Self-Driving Capability$12,000

The compact electric SUV: How much are Tesla Model Y SUVs?

The base Model Y Long Range is a great car, it’s offered with two electric motors, and has a range of 318 miles, a top speed of 135 mph, and it can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4,8 seconds. The price is way more affordable than the Model X’s, $65,990.

The options are a bit different from the Model X, and the prices also change. In the next section, we will talk in-depth about them.

But for now, let’s say you want a fully specced Model Y Long Range, that will include Red Multi Coat paint, Induction Wheels, a tow hitch, black and white interior, seven seats, and Full Self-Driving Capability. The price for this vehicle will be $86,990.

Tesla Model Y SUV white
Tesla Model, Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

And then, they have the Model Y Performance which also offers two electric motors, but better acceleration, 0-60 mph in 3,5 and better top speed, 155 mph, at the expense of less range, 303 miles. Obviously, the price is higher, $69,990.

The Tesla Model Y performance is more limited in options than the Long Range as there is only one set of wheels available, the 21 inches Überturbine Wheels that comes standard with this version, and 5 seats, the rest remains the same.

For the fully specced Model Y Performance, it will have Red Multi-Coat, Überturbine Wheels, a tow hitch, black and white interior, 5 seating layout, and Full Self-Driving Capability. The price will jump to $85,990.

Tesla Model Y options with USD prices

Starting with the colors, there are lots of differences in pricing compared with the Model X, the white and silver come standard, while the blue costs $1,000, the black $1,500, and the red $2,000

Pearl White Multi-Coat includedIncluded
Solid Black $1,500$1,500
Midnight Silver Metallic 1,500Included
Deep Blue Metallic 1,500$1,000
Red Multi-Coat 2,500$2,000

The Model Y Long Range gets two wheels, but the Performance receives the exclusive Überturbine Wheels.

Gemini Wheelsincluded in the Long Range
Induction Wheels$2,000 only inthe Long Range
Überturbine Wheelsincluded in the Performance

For $1,000 you can get a Class II steel tow hitch with a towing capability of 3,500 lbs.

Tow Hitch$1,000

The interior is simplified in this model where all black comes included while black and white cost $1,000.

All Black included
Black and White $1,000

For the seating, only 5 are available and come standard.

Five seatsincluded

And lastly, the technology, where remains identical to the Model X.

Enhanced Autopilot$6,000
Full Self-Driving Capability$12,000

Yes, Tesla’s SUVs are worth it.

If you were wondering if the price is justified, at the moment it is, competition is getting closer and closer to Tesla’s numbers, and they are already delivering cars with better quality, however, tech-wise Tesla is still king. 

And when it comes to electric vehicles, you want the best technology available. That’s why Tesla sells so well regardless of all the quality issues that have surfaced during the past years.

It is yet to see what will happen once the competition gets too close to Tesla, would they try to compete by lowering prices or will they release a facelift for the Model Y with better tech?




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