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The Palisade and the Telluride are two similar SUVs that are made on the same platform, share the same engine, and many styling clues.

Hyundai is the parent company of Kia, so it makes sense that some models are co-developed together, and produced at the same platform for cost-cutting purposes.

They are even priced similarly whereas the Palisade starts at an MSRP price of $32,675, the Telluride is set to a starting price of MSRP $32,790.

They even share most features and available options.

However, when we look at the design of both cars we can find the biggest differences, especially in the interior. Where they might share some similarities but the approach employed by each car is different.

Palisade vs Telluride front seats & cockpit

Hyundai Palisade vs Kia Telluride interior cockpit, dashboard, and center console
Hyundai Palisade (Left) vs Kia Telluride (Right)

Starting with the front, what first caught our attention is the steering wheel in each car, the one found in the Palisade is pretty generic and traditional while in contrast, the one in the Telluride is sleeker and more modern.

However, when we look at the center console on each car, the opposite happens. The one of the Palisade looks more modern while the Telluride goes for a more traditional look.

That’s clear when looking at the infotainment screens and the dashboards, as the Palisade tries to go for a futuristic design. Nevertheless, the screen is the same but the plastic trim around it does a good job at giving it a more futuristic look.

The Kia Telluride does get a wood trim option that looks fantastic and helps it to look more sophisticated than the Palisade.

Hyundai Palisade vs Kia Telluride second-row seating

Hyundai Palisade vs Kia Telluride interior second-row seating, captain chairs
Hyundai Palisade (Left) vs Kia Telluride (Right)

Thanks to the shared platform, both cars share 3-row seating, which is great, and another well-liked feature is the second-row captain seats.

In terms of legroom space, they share the same dimensions, while the difference here is found in the seats design, where we can argue that the one found in the Hyundai looks better.

The seat pattern in the Hyundai Palisade provides a classier look, but we are sure that the seats are almost identical, so in terms of comfort, they are evenly matched. 

Something we like about the Telluride is the wood trim that continues in the back area and looks great, nevertheless, the diamond-shaped pattern found in the seating can be found at the door panels as well, which is a great design element that looks well-thought off.

Third row and interior differences

Hyundai Palisade vs Kia Telluride interior third-row seating
Hyundai Palisade (Left) vs Kia Telluride (Right)

And lastly, we arrived at the third row, where there are few differences.

As stated above, the space is the same in both cars, so the trunk space is also identical.

The only difference is in the seating pattern, the bench seats are characterized for being light and easily foldable. The same happens here as we saw with the second-row seats, the pattern in the Telluride is more simple, and a bit bland compared with the one of the Palisade, therefore, we think that the Telluride wins here.

Kia also offers another third-row SUV, but it comes in a electric flavor, the EV9.

Overall, the cars are the same in terms of features, so if we had to choose a better interior, it would be based on a design perspective.

Therefore choose the one you like most, in our case, we would say that the Palisade looks better, and if we could change something, we would add the wood trim and the steering wheel of the Telluride into the Palisade interior so it´ll look more solid.

Note that the Palisade received a facelift in 2023 which improved the exterior and the interior.

Source: Hyundai, Kia




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