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If you’re looking for a Jaguar 7 seat SUV you are in the right place, as we compare all the SUV models that the British automaker sells today and an alternative that could be interesting for you.

Jaguar is one of those automakers that have been around for a while, they boast of a strong line-up with interesting SUV models like the E-Pace, the I-Pace, and the F-Pace. 

The E-Pace serves as an entry-level model, that has a compact size, and rocks a sporty design that will likely look fresh in the years to come.

While the F-Pace is the big brother of the line-up that other than offering a bigger size it also comes with more engine options than any other and a more mature design. 

And then, there is the I-Pace, the only electric vehicle from Jaguar and from JLR (Jaguar Land Rover), which has been around for a while already but it’s still considered an interesting option if you’re on the hunt for an EV.

Jaguar line-up 7 seat SUV
Jaguar SUV line-up

Does the Jaguar E-Pace SUV come with a 7 seat option?

The E-Pace doesn’t come with 7 seats, it’s only available with 5 seats, as a compact SUV it doesn’t have the required space to fit seven seats.

And even if Jaguar found a way to fit those seven seats it would be relatively hard for this car to move swiftly as in the USA it’s only available with a 2-0 liter 4-cylinder engine that produces 246 horsepower and 269 lb-ft (365 Nm) of torque.

At least the E-Pace comes with all-wheel drive. But don’t get us wrong, the 246 hp that its engine produces is more than enough to move the car accordingly as long as you don’t add too much weight, that’s why keeping it as a 5-seater SUV was a good idea for the automaker.

And the Jaguar i-Pace, 5 or 7 seats? 

The electric car from the British automaker only offers five seats, it’s understandable based on its size as it’s a bit larger than the E-Pace, but it’s also less wide and has a lower height, so adding two extra seats in the back could be a problem in terms of comfort.

Then there is the problem of weight, we all know how heavy EVs can get, and the Jaguar i-Pace is not an exception as it weighs 4,784 lbs (2,208 kg), that’s more than the E-Pace and the F-Pace. 

Adding two more seats could make the car so heavy that it could reduce its range.

What about the Jaguar F-Pace, does it come as a 7 seat SUV?

The F-Pace could fit 7 seats, since it’s a mid-size SUV with the required space, and doesn’t have a coupeish shape that would make the back seats uncomfortable.

Plus some of its engine options could easily carry the weight of seven passengers without any hassles, like the F-Pace R-Dynamic S which is fitted with a 3.0 liter 6-cylinder with 395 hp, or the F-Pace SVR with a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 that produces 542 hp.

However, Jaguar preferred to neglect the F-Pace buyers from getting 7 seats, which leaves us without any Jaguar model that can seat 7 passengers.

But don’t worry, JLR, Jaguar’s parent company offers an alternative, however, it’s a bit costlier than any other Jaguar.

If you want a 7 seat SUV from JLR, there’s an option.

JLR decided to keep the 7 seat option to its only full-size SUV, the Land Rover Range Rover, as its flagship and its biggest model, it is capable of transporting seven people.

Land Rover Range Rover 7 seat SUV
Land Rover Range Rover 7 seat SUV

The Land Rover Range Rover starts at $105,500, while the most expensive Jaguar SUV, the 2023 F-Pace SVR has an MSRP starting price of $91,900. The problem is that those $105k won’t get you the seven seats, as you need to choose the long-wheelbase version, which starts at $110,500.

That’s a difference of $23,900, however, remember that the Land Rover Range Rover is a completely different SUV from the F-Pace. The F-pace is closer in terms of size and available engines to the Range Rover Sport, while the Land Rover Range Rover is a completely different animal.

The Range Rover Sport and the Jaguar F-Pace could get 7 seats based on size, but it seems like they prefer to reserve such an option for customers who are willing to pay the extra price for the Land Rover Range Rover.




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