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Dacia has given the Sandero Stepway a much needed refresh. The French automaker has reinvigorated the third generation of the Stepway by introducing a set of improvements in handling, efficiency, acoustics, safety, and technology. The SUV is now built on a new modular CMF platform shared among the new Dacia Logan and the new Dacia Sandero, this new CMF platform allows the car to be even more stable and fit for the roads than its predecessor.

The new Dacia Sandero Stepway also boasts a new improved design, looking more modern and elegant than ever, while giving the impression of being more robust, capable, and versatile. 


The steering is now 100% electric, making it more precise and effortless. Variable assistance has been equipped, allowing cruising in highways and maneuvering in cities to be more comfortable and undemanding. 


Fuel consumption has been reduced in the SUV by more than a 6% compared with its predecessor. The engines comply with the Euro 6D-Full standard.

Aerodynamics have been refined, as the car has lower under-chassis fairings, lower front controlled flaps, and a lower roof linen.


The new CMF platform has enormously helped the car in the acoustics department: vibrations and outside noisess inside the cabin have been reduced, and acoustic leakage has been minimized.

Dacia Sandero Stepway SUV interior
Dacia Sandero Stepway interior


The SUV is safer than ever, owing to the new platform, the Sandero Stepway has become even tougher and more stable than the past generation’s Stepway.

New headlights have been added, greatly improving visibility as the beam is now 37% lengthier and 9% wider.

The integration of driver-assistance systems (ADAS) has also contributed to improvements in safety, now the SUV comes with:

  • Emergency brake assist
  • Blind Spot warning
  • eCall
  • Park assist
  • Hill start assist


The new Stepway now offers three different multimedia systems:

  • Media Control allows the driver to place a smartphone into a removable support which transforms the smartphone into a multimedia system by connecting to the Dacia Media Control app through Bluetooth or USB. The Dacia Media Control app grants features like satellite navigation apps, radio, calls, and Siri and Android voice recognition, and more.
  • Media Display comes with an 8-inch touch screen featuring an intuitive interface compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
  • Media Nav grants onboard navigation to the multimedia system, and adds six speakers to the sound system.

The Sandero Stepway offers two engines which complies with the Euro 6D-Full standard:

TCe 90turbocharged 1-litre three-cylindersix-speed manual transmission or CVT automatic transmission.
ECO-G 100LPG bi-fuelled turbocharged 1-litre three-cylindersixspeed manual transmission

Source: Dacia



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