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Porsche has recently reached a settlement with the US government regarding Clean Air Act violations in its gasoline-powered vehicles, this USA Porsche Gasoline Settlement comes in the aftermath of the infamous “Dieselgate” scandal.

The Dieselgate Scandal resulted in hefty penalties for several car manufacturers, especially for Volkswagen and some of the brands they own, including Porsche.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the recent 2022 Porsche gasoline settlement, its implications for Porsche and the automotive industry, and what consumers can do in response in 2023.

What were the allegations against Porsche?

The software was designed to detect when the vehicle was undergoing emissions testing and switch to a different mode, which emitted fewer pollutants than during normal driving conditions. 

This enabled the vehicles to pass emissions tests despite emitting nitrogen oxides (NOx) up to nine times the legal limit under federal law.

The allegations first came to light in 2015, during the “Dieselgate” scandal, which implicated several car manufacturers in emissions violations. 

While Porsche’s gasoline-powered vehicles were not equipped with diesel engines, they still emitted harmful pollutants that contributed to air pollution and respiratory illnesses.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) launched an investigation into Porsche’s vehicles in 2018, which led to the allegations of emissions violations. 

The German automaker denied any wrongdoing but agreed to a settlement with the US government in 2022 to resolve the matter.

The software was found in Porsche’s 2005-2022 model years Cayenne, Macan, Boxter, Cayman, Panamera, 997, and 911 vehicles, affecting more than 500,000 vehicles.

2017 Porsche Macan, Vehicle affected in Porsche Gasoline Settlement USA
2017 Porsche Macan, Vehicle affected in Porsche Gasoline Settlement USA

The Settlement Agreement

Under the settlement agreement, Porsche must pay compensation to affected customers.

It’s estimated that the value of the settlement is over $80 million.

Furthermore, Porsche must recall and repair the affected vehicles to bring them into compliance with federal emissions standards.

The recall began in late 2022 and it involves the installation of updated software in the affected vehicles.

If you own one of the eligible vehicles and filed a claim you could receive payments of $250 to $1,109 per vehicle.

Porsche will complete all the payments by August 2023.

Also, if you own one of those eligible Porsche cars with the “Sport+” you could get an additional $250.

Implications for Porsche and the Automotive Industry

The Porsche gasoline settlement in the USA is a reminder that the company must take its environmental responsibilities seriously and ensure that its vehicles comply with federal emissions standards. 

Porsche has already made significant investments in electric vehicles and is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its production processes and supply chain.

The settlement has broader implications for the automotive industry, as governments around the world introduce tougher emissions standards and consumers demand more environmentally friendly vehicles. 

Car manufacturers must adapt to these changing market conditions to remain competitive and avoid costly fines and penalties.

What can consumers do?

If you own a Porsche Cayenne, Macan, Panamera, Boxster, Cayman, or 911 vehicle from the 2005-2020 model years, you may be affected by the recall, you can find all the information in:

Porsche is notifying affected customers, and repairs are being made free of charge. 

In the meantime, consumers can take steps to reduce their environmental impact by choosing more fuel-efficient vehicles, reducing their driving habits, and supporting companies that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Here are all the vehicles that can receive compensation:

2005-2019Base, S
2015-2016; 2018-2019GTS
Boxster 2011-2012; 2016Spyder
Cayman 2016GT4
Cayman 2012R
9112005-2019Base, S
9112011-2012; 2015-2019GTS
9112011-2019Turbo S
9112007-2011; 2014-2016; 2018GT3
9112007-2011; 2016GT3 RS
9112018GT2 RS
Cayenne2005-2006; 2008-2014; 2016-2018Base
Cayenne2005-2006; 2008-2018S, Turbo
Cayenne2008-2010; 2013-2014; 2016-2018GTS
Cayenne2006; 2009-2010; 2014; 2016-2018Turbo S
Panamera2010-2013; 2017-2020Turbo
Panamera2012-2013; 2018-2020Turbo S
Macan2017-2018Base, GTS
Macan2015-2018S, Turbo


The USA Porsche gasoline settlement highlights the serious environmental and health implications of emissions violations and the importance of holding car manufacturers accountable for any violations of federal law. 

It underscores the need for the automotive industry to invest in more environmentally friendly vehicles and production processes to meet the changing market demands and avoid costly fines and penalties.

As consumers, we can play our part by choosing more fuel-efficient vehicles, reducing our driving habits, and supporting companies that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

If you own one of the affected vehicles, stay tuned for recall notifications from Porsche, and take advantage of the free repairs offered. 

By taking small steps, we can all contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.



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