can a 55 inch tv fit in a car

Can a 55, 65, or 85-Inch TV Fit in a Car?

If you’re planning to purchase a new TV but are concerned about whether it will fit in your car, you’re not alone.  Many people face

Hyundai 3rd row SUVs

These are all the Hyundai 3rd row SUVs in 2023

Hyundai offers some interesting SUVs, yet it’s quite hard to find large ones that can seat up to eight people. Hyundai 3rd row SUVs have

Hyundai Palisade vs Kia Telluride interior cockpit
Article Comparisons

Hyundai Palisade vs Kia Telluride interior, which one is better?

The Palisade and the Telluride are two similar SUVs that are made on the same platform, share the same engine, and many styling clues. Hyundai

Hyundai Palisade interior in white

8 seater SUV Hyundai Palisade interior is one of the best looking in its range

Many three-rows mid-size SUVs offer great spaciousness in exchange of quality and design. Unless you look for SUVs at high price ranges you’re more likely