Land Rover Defender 3 Rows

The Land Rover Defender 3 Rows: Unraveling the Seating Options

Land Rover’s iconic Defender lineup has long been celebrated for its rugged elegance and off-road capabilities.  Among the questions that often arise when considering a

Land Rover and Range Rover with 7 seats

Land Rover and Range Rover cars with 3rd-Row 7 Seats

When it comes to luxury SUVs with spacious 3rd-row interiors and 7 seats for large families or groups, Range Rover and Land Rover are two

suvs with high ground clearance

SUVs with High Ground Clearance: The Top 5 Models

For car enthusiasts, driving SUVs with a high ground clearance is essential for handling rough terrains, steep inclines, and bumpy roads.However, high ground clearance is

White Land Rover Defender square body suv

Top 5 Square Body SUVs (The most iconic boxy cars)

One of the many appeals of square body SUVs is the nostalgia these cars emanate. It reminds us of a time where almost every SUV

Are Range Rover or Land Rover more expensive
Article Comparisons

Are Range Rover or Land Rover more expensive? Check this!

Even though Range Rover and Land Rover are almost the same things, there’s a slight distinction between them. Land Rover is the brand, while the

Land Rover Defender V8 water

New Land Rover Defender V8 debuts as the most powerful Defender ever

Land Rover has unveiled the new flagship model for the Defender line-up, the Land Rover Defender V8. Available in both model types, 90 and 110;

Carwow's Drag Race four 4x4 SUVs

Watch four 4×4 boxy SUVs drag race ( New & Classic Defender vs Wrangler vs G-Class)

In today’s SUV market we find a consistent trend among carmakers; designers are making SUVs smaller and sportier, while decreasing their ground clearance. Yet, some