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As many are aware, the Tesla Model X is one of the best SUVs in the market, it comes with an impressive range, innovative technological features, and an amazing towing capacity.

Out of all the electric vehicles, the Tesla Model X has the best towing capacity, however, the GMC Hummer EV SUV recently broke cover and amazed us with its specs. Its towing capacity is still a mystery, as GMC has been quiet about it, however very likely that its towing capacity would be over 7,000 pounds (3.628 kg), making it the electric SUV with the highest towing capacity.

So what is the Tesla Model X towing capacity?

The Model X can tow up to 5,000 pounds (2.268 kg). Even though the figures might not seem that high compared with many modern ICE (Internal combustion engine) SUVs, it’s still very competitive.

When you compare it against other electric SUVs, you realize how ahead of the pack the Tesla Model X is:

EV SUVTowing Capacity
Tesla Model X5,000 pounds (2.268 kg)
Audi E-Tron3,968 Pounds (1.800 kg)
Mercedes EQC3,968 Pounds (1.800 kg)
Jaguar I-Pace1,653 pounds (750 kg)

Note that the 5,000 pounds (2.268 kg) towing capacity are achieved when fitting the 20” Cyberstream wheels, if you opt for the 22” Turbine your Model X will be limited to 3,500 pounds (1.587 kg). 

The facelifted 2021 Tesla Model X is arriving with the same towing capacity as its predecessor. If Tesla releases a Model X Plaid+ in the near future, it’s expected that it will arrive with a slightly improved towing capacity.

The Model X comes standard with the Tow Package

Tesla Model X towing capacity
Tesla Model X, Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Since July 2017, the Model X comes with the Tow Package as standard, before that date, you had to separately purchase a Tow Package for your Model X.

The post-2017 Model X includes a receiver and an electric wire used for hooking up the brake lights.

The Tow Package included:

  • A high-strength steel tow bar with a 2″ hitch receiver and a 7-pin standard connector
  • A trailer harness
  • A tow mode software package

The package didn’t include ball mounts, as that was dependent on which type of trailer you towed.

Tesla Model X Trailer Mode

If you want to tow, you will have to access the Trailer Mode. Once activated, the suspension will be leveled, and it will turn off the rear proximity sensors.

Before towing it is recommended to check the Driving Section of the digital Owner’s Manual located inside the screen. Inside there you will find a topic named “Towing a Trailer” with useful information, like the tire pressure.

In the Owner’s Manual, you will also find recommendations like using a separate braking system for the trailer if the loaded weight is over 992 pounds (450 kg).

Towing requires more power

Tesla Model X towing capacity
Tesla Model X, Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Something to be mindful of when towing is your Tesla’s range, remember that you are enormously increasing the weight and making the car less aerodynamic, therefore the range is going to suffer greatly.

Nevertheless, the same applies to any other type of vehicle. If you were to tow a trailer with an internal combustion car, you would also find yourself stopping more frequently at gas stations.

The current problem with electric cars is the energy storage, batteries aren’t big enough yet to tow comfortably. Once we reach 200 – 300 kWh, then towering for a long distance will become more practical.

The Bottom Line

The Model X towing capacity is more than enough for most people, with 5,000 pounds (2.268 kg) you will be towing almost anything, nevertheless, note that it comes with a cost, and that is the decreased range. So when planning a trip, make sure to check where you will be stopping to recharge, and to budget your trip accordingly.

If you’re on the hunt for an electric vehicle that could easily tow some serious weight, you might be interested in the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck, which will allegedly have a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds (3,400 kg).

In case you’re curious about the Tesla Model Y towing capacity, it’s 3,500 pounds (2.268 kg), however, you should know that it doesn’t come with the required towing tools, for that you will have to purchase a Tow Package.

Hopefully, Tesla will include the Tow Package as standard into the Model Y soon, as it happened with the Model X.

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