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SUVs like most types of cars come with a rear back door that provides extra space for moving around objects, like couches, luggages, etc. There are also different types of rear doors based on how they open, so the first thing we have to answer is, what is the trunk door of an SUV called? 

SUV trunk door name

Starting with the basics, the SUV rear door name is commonly referred to as a trunk door. The car back door name is also called the trunk door.

However, you may also hear it as a hatch door or a liftgate door. These all refer to the same thing, the door at the back of your SUV that provides access to the storage area.

In the UK, the trunk is called the boot, therefore the door is called the boot door.

Also, some people may call it a trunk lid or boot lid depending on the country, both are correct.

Types of SUV trunk doors

Types of trunk doors in an SUV liftgate, tailgate
Liftgate (left), swing-out tailgate (middle), split rear tailgate (right)

The most common type of rear door is the liftgate, which opens upward to provide easy access to the trunk, it’s easy to use and provides a wide opening for loading and unloading cargo.

There are also two types of liftgates:

  • Power liftgates, which are motorized allow the user to press a button in the car, the key fob, or outside the trunk door to open electrically.
  • Manual liftgates, which in this case don’t use much technology, and only require the user to open it by engaging the handle of the door manually.

Then, we have the swing-out tailgates, which open outward to the side; this one can be found in some off-roading focused SUVs like the Land Rover Defender, Mercedes G-Class, and the past generation Lexus GX460, among others.

Swing-out tailgates are designed to easily access the spare tire, which is important for those who like to go off-roading.

Lastly, there are split rear tailgates, which split into two parts, the top one lifts while the bottom part lifts down. This is useful for accessing the cargo area without much effort, and for those who wish in the trunk of the SUV with the door open facing outwards.

This type of trunk door is mostly being used for luxury SUVs like the Land Rover Range Rover, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, or the BMW X7.

Some electric SUVs feature front trunks

One cool feature that electric vehicles are bringing is the addition of a front trunk for some SUV models, and you may ask what is the front trunk of an EV SUV called.

We call it the frunk, which is a combination between front and trunk, the idea is that by not using engines, electric vehicles have unused space in front of the car, and some automakers use that space to provide extra cargo space.

SUV frunk, the front trunk
Frunk, front trunk of a Volvo XC40 Recharge

Usually, it’s used for storing the charging cables, and some objects since the cargo area are limited.

Some of the SUVs that come with this option are the Tesla Model X, the Volvo XC40 Recharge, the Ford Mustang Mach-E, and the Jaguar I-Pace.

A hatchback is not a trunk lid

There is a wide misunderstanding that hatchbacks are a type of trunk door, which is completely incorrect, hatchbacks are a type of passenger car.

Like SUVs, hatchbacks are a denomination for a segment in the automotive industry. These cars are usually small cars with two or four doors that have four to five seats and a trunk that lifts.

What makes it different is the shape of the car, where the rear back is bigger allowing more cargo space, in contrast, coupes have a lower back which makes them sleeker in exchange for practicality.

In SUVs there’s no such thing as a hatchback door, there is a liftgate door which is the same as hatchbacks use.

The bottom line – What is the trunk door of an SUV called? a trunk door, lid, etc

Whatever you call a trunk door, most people will understand you unless you use a completely made-up name. What you’ll likely hear the most is the trunk door, trunk lid, back door, and rear door.

Some people may ask, is a trunk a door? And the correct answer is no, that’s the cargo area in the rear of the car. However, some people would just call the door trunk.

The trunk of a car has the same name as the one in an SUV, so this information should be quite useful. Also, try to avoid entering inside a trunk and closing the trunk door, that could be dangerous.

Don’t mistake an SUV rear door with a pickup door, they are different. You may wonder what is the back door of a truck called? And the answer is tailgate.

Don’t be ashamed because you didn’t know the answer to: what is the trunk door of an SUV called? It’s a common question that lots of people don’t know since in the auto industry they tend to use names that don’t make sense for many parts of the cars.

Also, if you want to know what is the back of an SUV called and what is the back of a car called, the answer is the rear. Don’t mistake it for a trunk, that’s a different thing.



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