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You’ve probably noticed an increase in the number of SUVs you see every time you drive down the road.

We’ve noticed it too.

In the past few years, SUVs had managed to capture the automobile market. Most automakers have ended up giving in and joining the trend, while many people went from being opponents to becoming supporters.

And if you have any doubt that this might not be happening; here are the numbers:

· In Europe, an article on, stated the following: “The SUV segment experienced the seventh consecutive year of double-digit growth in 2019 with 38% of the total market. Registrations totaled 6,030,481 units, up by 12% – this is the first time these registrations exceed the six-million-unit mark. “

· In the US, another article by gave us an insight about the US market: “2019 saw continued popularity for SUVs from American consumers, as the body style made up 49.5% of all new vehicle sales (8.5 million units).”

· In Australia, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), released this data for 2020 vehicle sales: “SUVs claimed 49.6 percent of the market during 2020, an increase from 45.5 percent market share in 2019.

Practicality and comfort are one of the main selling points of SUVs; the feeling of safety they provide; the number of choices available today, together with all the advertisements done by automakers.

So, without further due, let’s dive deeper into the reasons for their popularity:

White Ford Expedition
Ford Expedition SUV

Practicality & Comfort

Being able to easily tackle good roads and bad roads, SUVs’ higher suspension grants the driver a comfortable driving experience, allowing the driver to feel less concerned about potholes and bumps on the road. But for SUVs, roads aren’t the limit, as they can even drive well in the absence of roads.

Most SUVs are designed for families; therefore, you can expect great cargo space, comfort, and spaciousness. Some SUVs even come with seven seats as standard or offer the option; while most come with at least five seats, which is enough for most families.

Feeling of Safety

The sturdy look, the high driving position, and the size give the driver a sense of safety which cannot be found in most automobiles, even though SUVs have a higher probability than other automobiles of experiencing rollovers when involved in an accident. 

But it’s not just the feeling; SUVs are safe. The higher driving position allows the driver to have a better view of the traffic, and to look ahead of the road to avoid obstacles.

We could argue that the feeling of safety creates safety by itself since it can make the driver more confident when driving. Driving too doubtfully can cause accidents; but we bear in mind that the opposite can also be true, as driving too confidently can lead to accidents in some situations. 

Automakers Push

Automakers are helping keep the momentum of all the SUV craze going; since it’s in their best interest, as SUVs allow them to share platforms with other cars, therefore lowering costs and rising prices for the same car but in an SUV form.

Also, SUVs offer new ways to market, as it allows automakers not only to market to families but also to adventure seekers; this was impossible to do with minivans, as relating minivans with adventures seemed quite unfeasible. Although, if an automaker tried to make a 4×4 minivan… we would totally be down with it.


The continuing growth in the SUVs’ market share can be attributed to the numerous choices available today, as there are SUVs in all sizes, colors, drivetrains, etc.

Consider the fact that we have electric SUVs, sport coupé SUVs, small crossovers, huge truck-like SUVs, convertible SUVs, and much more, whatever you’re looking for in a car, you might find it in an SUV, and this is what makes them so special.

Gray Range Rover Discovery
Range Rover Discovery SUV


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