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You’ve probably wondered why does the roof of your car gets hot in the sun, in short, it’s caused by the heat transfer that happens when the solar radiation reaches the car through empty space. However, there is more to it, as the color of the roof, and the time of the day can influence how hot the car’s roof can get.

Why colors are very important

The exterior color of your car can greatly impact how hot it gets when the sun is up. White color is considered the best option for cars that will often be parked outside during summer, as it can reflect the light, therefore, keeping the car cooler than other colors.

Blue Audi Q3 Why does the roof of your car get hot in the sun
Blue Audi Q3

Contrarily, a black car will get hotter than any other colored car, as the black color will absorb visible parts of the spectrum, hence, turning light into heat.

All the other colors will behave in the middle of these two, except silver, which acts similarly to white. However, light colors will reflect better, similar to white. And dark colors will absorb more, close to how the black color acts.

Does metal contribute?

Since metal is used on the body of the car, it can get hot fairly quick, as metal is a superb heat conductor. This is felt more in the roof of the car since it will always be more in contact with the sun’s heat than any other part of the car.

Should I get a sunroof? 

Sunroofs are an extremely popular option among carmakers, even some of them have started to offer the sunroof as standard for some models. The problem with sunroofs is that they don’t insulate from heat as well as normal roofs. 

Even though most sunroofs are equipped with tinted windows, some of the heat manages to get inside the car, therefore getting trapped in it and causing a temperature increase.

Mereces GLA Sunroof Why does the roof of your car get hot in the sun
Mereces GLA Sunroof

The roof of your car gets hot in the sun especially in the summer

Summer is the time of the year where the temperature is at its highest. If you park your car for a long time during the day, expect to get a hot car roof daily. 

Now that you know why does the roof of your car gets hot in the sun consider having your car parked under a tree, or somewhere where the sun can’t reach it. And if you’re on the lookout for a new car, get an SUV, crossover, etc. in light colors or even in white.

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