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The Dodge Journey has been a popular SUV option for many years, but it was officially discontinued after the 2020 model year, nevertheless, it came with a decent fuel efficiency. Let’s explore the Dodge Journey 2022-2023 mpg ratings.

Despite its popularity, the Journey’s aging design and lack of modern features led to its eventual discontinuation. 

You can still get a used Dodge Journey in 2023, and in this blog post, we will focus on the latest 2020 version.

2022-2023 Dodge Journey mpg

Now, let’s get to the important question: what is the Dodge Journey 2022-2023 mpg? The 2020 Dodge Journey gets an estimated 19 mpg in the city, and 25 mpg on the highway.

This translates to a combined mpg of 21, while this may not be the most fuel-efficient SUV on the market, it is still a respectable rating, especially for a vehicle of its size.

The 2020 Dodge Journey came with a 2.4-liter inline-four engine with 173 hp and 166 lb-ft of torque.

This engine was paired with a four-speed automatic transmission, which at the time was already outdated compared to other SUVs on the market that were offering six or eight-speed transmissions. 

However, dodge designed the four-speed transmission to provide smooth and reliable shifting, making it a reliable choice for families.

Dodge Journey 2022-2023 mpg
Dodge Journey 2022-2023 mpg

2020-2023 Dodge Journey features

Buying a used Journey is a good option for those who value space and versatility but still want to keep fuel costs down. 

The 21 mpg combined rating is on par with other midsize SUVs on the market, and the Journey’s spacious interior and flexible cargo area make it a great choice for families.

Another thing to consider is that the Dodge Journey has a relatively large fuel tank, which means that you can go longer between fill-ups. 

The 2020 model has a 20.5-gallon tank, which is larger than many other midsize SUVs. This means that you can travel farther without having to stop and refuel, which is especially convenient on long road trips.

It is also worth mentioning that the Dodge Journey offers a range of features that can help improve fuel efficiency. For example, the available Eco Mode adjusts the engine and transmission to optimize fuel economy. 

There is also a display in the instrument cluster that provides real-time feedback on fuel efficiency, helping drivers to adjust their driving habits to get the most out of each gallon of fuel.

What is the price of the Dodge Journey in 2023?

As Dodge discontinued the Journey after the 2020 model year, it is no longer available as a new vehicle in 2023. 

However, those interested in purchasing a used Dodge Journey may find varying prices depending on the vehicle’s year, mileage, and condition. 

According to different used car sites, the average price for a used 2020 Dodge Journey ranges from around $15,000 to $21,000, with prices varying based on factors such as mileage, trim level, and additional features. 

Note that when it was available as new in 2020, it was offered in two different trims, SE Value which started at $25,170, and the Crossroad trim which started at $30,090.

It’s essential to do your research and consider factors such as maintenance history and potential repair costs when purchasing a used vehicle. 

Is it worth buying a used Journey today?

As the Dodge Journey is no longer in production, potential buyers looking for a new SUV in 2023 will have to consider other options. 

However, for those interested in purchasing a used Dodge Journey, it may still be a viable option depending on their needs and preferences.

Especially for those who want a non-expensive mid-size SUV with good fuel efficiency ratings and three rows of seating.

The Journey has a reputation for reliability and practicality, along with a comfortable ride and spacious interior, making it a popular choice for families and adventurers. 

While the Journey may not have the latest technology or features of newer SUVs, its affordability and practicality make it a great choice for those seeking a dependable and spacious vehicle. 

Ultimately, whether the Dodge Journey is worth it in 2023 depends on the individual’s specific needs and preferences, but for those seeking a reliable and practical SUV, it may still be a great option to consider.



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