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Many rumors suggested that Ford could be working on a new Excursion, its biggest SUV. The 2022-2023 Ford Excursion could prove to be a success, and we could see it soon.

The Ford Excursion was a legend among SUVs when it first made its debut in 1999. It was a titan of a vehicle that Ford built for large families and groups of people who needed a lot of space to travel in style. 

However, due to rising fuel costs and changing market conditions, Ford discontinued the Excursion in 2005.

However, Ford may be bringing back the Excursion in 2023 with a new concept. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the 2022-2023 Ford Excursion concept and what we can expect from this potential comeback.

Exterior Design

The 2022-2023 Ford Excursion concept would boast a modern and sleek design that combines the ruggedness of a truck with the luxury of a high-end SUV.

Based on its old iterations, the concept should feature a large, imposing grille, flanked by sharp LED headlights and fog lights. 

The most important thing about this car, is clearly its imposing size since this SUV would sit in a higher rank than the Ford Expedition, so expect a larger size.

The side profile would be expected to be clean and aerodynamic, with a low roofline and large, alloy wheels that add to the vehicle’s commanding presence.

At the rear, the 2022-2023 Ford Excursion could have a large tailgate that provides easy access to the cargo area.

Overall, the exterior of the 2022 Ford Excursion concept could combine style and functionality, with a design that commands attention on the road.

2022-2023 Ford Excursion concept
2022-2023 Ford Excursion concept

Interior Design

Ford would use the existing Ford Expedition interior in the new Excursion since that would cut costs, nevertheless, the interior of the Expedition looks great and it’s functional.

So expect a spacious and luxurious interior, with plenty of room for up to eight passengers. 

The seats in the 2022 Ford Excursion concept would be comfortable and supportive, with plenty of legroom and headroom for all passengers. 

The cabin will likely be filled with high-quality materials, including leather upholstery and wood accents. There may also be a panoramic sunroof that lets in plenty of natural light and provides stunning views of the surrounding scenery.

Inside, there could be additional luxury features like heated and ventilated seats, a massaging function for the driver’s seat, and ambient lighting to set the mood.

Powertrain option for the 2022-2023 Ford Excursion concept

One of the most exciting aspects of the 2022-2023 Ford Excursion concept is its potential powertrain options. 

Ford could offer an interesting range of engines, including Ford’s 3.5-liter Ecoboost V6 engine, with 400 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque.

This engine should provide plenty of towing power and acceleration, and there could be a hybrid option that could appear in the future, which will provide impressive fuel economy and reduced emissions without sacrificing performance.

To expand on the potential powertrain options for the 2022-2023 Ford Excursion concept, there could also be a diesel engine option available. 

Ford has been known to offer diesel engines in their heavy-duty trucks, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they offered one in the Excursion as well.

A diesel engine would provide even more towing power and could offer better fuel economy than a gasoline engine. 

This would make the Excursion an even more versatile vehicle, capable of towing heavy loads while still being efficient on the highway.

In addition to its powerful engines, the 2022-2023 Ford Excursion concept could come with a range of advanced technologies, including adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking. 

All-wheel drive is a given, a large SUV like this that can tackle off-roading conditions needs this option as standard.

These features will help make the vehicle safer and easier to drive, even in challenging conditions.

Release Date and Pricing

While the 2022-2023 Ford Excursion concept has not been officially confirmed by Ford, it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s announced at the end of 2023 or early 2024. However, it’s important to note that this is subject to change depending on market conditions and other factors.

As for pricing, this will likely be more expensive than other SUVs in the Ford lineup.

Given its size and potential luxury features, we could see a starting MSRP price of around $70,000, which would place it at a range where it competes directly with the Cadillac Escalade, its most direct competitor.

Overall, the 2022-2023 Ford Excursion concept has the potential to be an impressive SUV that offers the perfect blend of luxury and utility. 

Its size and powertrain options would make it a capable vehicle for a wide range of applications, from towing heavy loads to cruising on the highway.

If Ford does bring back the Excursion, it’s sure to turn heads and make a splash in the full-size SUV market.



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